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The state of Utah is one of the very best places for stargazing. The national parks in the state make for some of the most incredible locations to treat yourself to a picturesque view of the night sky. Between the clean, dry air and wide-open spaces, it is tough to find anywhere better to take the family for an evening of stargazing. Whether you are treating yourself, family, or friends, the following are some of the most amazing places to stargaze in Utah.

The annual Astronomy Festival held every June at Bryce Canyon National Park is an excellent opportunity to get involved with others who love stargazing. This is not the only event held at Bryce Canyon, as they offer the most astronomy events of any other park in the state. Visitors also can either stay at the Bryce Canyon Lodge or camp within the park. Full moon hikes are offered year-round and draw quite the crowd. It is encouraged to plan ahead to make sure that you can gain tickets since they are done through a lottery system.

One of the best spots centrally located near Salt Lake City is Antelope Island State Park. This location provides the perfect retreat for stargazing because it is accessible by vehicle, and yet it’s far enough away not to be polluted by the light from the city. There are four campgrounds within Antelope Island if visitors care to stay overnight. Star parties are also held at the park during the summer months by the Ogden Astronomical Society.

Six miles right outside the city of Moab is Arches National Park. This park offers endless opportunities for stargazing with spectacular views. Balanced Rock, Windows, Garden of Eden, and Panorama Point all are wonderful retreats to gather to behold the night sky. The park is home to one campground for those visitors who are looking to stay overnight.

A big crowd can be a deal-breaker for some stargazers as they want their personal space while enjoying the view. Canyonlands National Park is the perfect choice as it is the least visited national park within Utah. This means that most visitors can enjoy those beautiful panoramic views all to themselves.