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Hiking is a fun adventure that can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the world. Something important to remember when hiking is hydration! Whether out on a short hike or embarking on a long journey, water is essential to bring along. These tips will help you figure out how much water you’ll need and the best way to stay hydrated during a hike.

Preparation is Key
Before setting out for a hike, it is a great idea to drink one or two glasses of water. This is because when the body is “thirsty,” it already lacks water. Drinking a few glasses of water before leaving the house ensures that the body is not reaching the point of thirst right away.

Another preparation tip is to avoid drinking alcohol the night before a hike. Think about putting hydrating liquids into your body that will act as fuel rather than dehydrate the body.

When getting ready to head outside, place the water in a spot that is easy to reach. If choosing to take a water bottle, make sure it is within reach while walking, so you do not have to stop every time you need a drink. Another great option is a backpack water bladder with a straw. This will make drinking more convenient during the hike and hopefully encourage you to drink more water to avoid dehydration.

How Much to Drink?
The answer to this question will vary for each hiker. Individually, it will vary depending on the activity level, body type, and amount of sweat. The traditional recommendation is half of a liter of water per hour of exercise in moderate temperatures. It is crucial to think about the level of activity, your body type, and the climate when calculating how much water to take on the hike with you.

Drink Before Thirst Hits
Just like when preparing for the hike, it is vital to keep drinking before the sensation of “thirst” hits because that means that the body is already dehydrated! Having water accessible during the hike will make this more manageable.

Don’t Stop when the Hike is Over
Just because the hike is over does not mean you should stop drinking water! Your body needs to be replenished after the strenuous exercise.