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One popular activity in California is camping. It helps to know all the pertinent information before embarking on a camping trip anywhere in the state. Most first time campers have a lot of questions about it.


This summer there has been an increased interest in camping, making most of California’s campgrounds and parks crowded at any given time. As a result, campers are urged to call and make reservations before setting out for a trip. Reservations can be made online at


Not every state park allows visitors to go camping in them. A small fraction of the camping sites that exist is currently open, making it an activity that is limited to those who made reservations early.


One of the most popular places to go camping is in Yellowstone National Park. Due to its popularity, reservations are required for anyone who wants to go camping there. Not all of the park’s campsites are even open.


The best way to go camping in California this year is to head to the state’s many national forests. Reservations are never needed, and the forests are less crowded than the parks. It is important to note that campers are required to pitch their tent at least 20 feet away from any source of water.


Since parks and campgrounds are so crowded these days, anyone going to stay at one is encouraged to supply bars of soap and hand sanitizer because facilities are running out of these supplies.


Campers can get the most out of their experience by packing a cooler full of enough fresh foods to sustain them. They should avoid frequenting the visitors’ center of their chosen campground, and instead research where hiking trails and other points of interest are.


Those traveling with an RV may find it difficult to park it anywhere. It is best to search online to find places that can accommodate RVs before making any plans. Many sites other than campgrounds allow RVs to park overnight.

A viable alternative to an RV is to rent a campervan. For out of town visitors, this is often the most convenient way to enjoy camping in California. There are many more options available to those using a campervan instead of an RV or tent.