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Hiking is an activity that has gained a lot of popularity recently. Avid hikers will go to any length to enjoy the fantastic scenery and connect with nature. However, as with any adventure, there are dangers everyone needs to know about. From falling and scraping a knee to having an open wound, hikers need to be prepared in case an accident happens.

Here’s how to build a first aid kit that fits into a backpack.

Don’t Assume
Before getting into how to build a first aid kit and what to put in it, there’s one thing that every hiker needs to know; do not assume anything. A lot of people, more specifically first- time hikers, usually forego caution and assume nothing bad will happen.

However, this could be a fatal mistake. Anything can happen while being in the great outdoors, even things that are less expected. For instance, one misstep could lead to broken bones or even a head injury. Always stay alert and hike with caution.

What to Put in a First Aid Kit
Now that people know to expect the least expected let’s get into what can be put into a first aid kit. When a first aid kit is mentioned, the first few things people think of are bandages, anti-bacterial spray, and gauze. While this is true, there’s more to a first aid kit than meets the eye.

Here are a few other essentials that can be included in a first aid kit:

  • Tweezers
  • Ointment
  • Medication such as ibuprofen or aspirin
  • Antihistamine
  • Medical tape
  • A multi-purpose tool
  • Instructions for administering first aid

These are the basic necessities, but there are many other items to personalize a first aid kit.

How to Build a First Aid Kit
There’s more to building a first aid kit than merely putting the essential items into it. It’s also about the organization. Simply tossing the items into a box or bag is not recommended. It can cause unnecessary chaos in times of an emergency. Make sure to label everything and keep things organized.

A first aid kit should never have to be used, but there may be a time when needed. If this is a person’s first time building a first aid kit, this information will prove to be beneficial.