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Searching for the perfect way to stay active during the winter months? Snowshoeing is ideal, and there is no shortage of trails in Colorado. There is a trail that fits just about anyone’s needs. Whether you are a beginner and looking for a more family-friendly course or for more rugged terrain to venture off on your own, there is sure to be a trail to satisfy everyone’s needs. The following are some of the best places in Colorado to go snowshoeing.

Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Bear Lake Trail is the perfect choice for beginners to snowshoeing. The terrain surrounding the lake is flat and offers up some of the most rugged mountain scenery around. The loop itself is only about 0.8 miles, and the crowds have entirely died down for the winter, making this an ideal selection and one of the best trails in Colorado.

Even though it may be packed during the Summer months, Brainard Lake Trail comes highly recommended in the winter. To access this trail, park near the Winter closure gates, and from there, you will only be two miles to Brainard Lake. Snowshoe up the access road to head out on the trail. For those adventure seekers, you can also climb to the summit of Mount Audubon. Be aware this is an extremely windy and frigid trek, so dress accordingly.

For those with a bit more advanced skill in snowshoeing, venture out to Boulder to Walker Ranch Loop. This entire loop is 7.7 miles and has quite a bit of elevation at this location. It is highly encouraged to arrive early and be ready for a complete workout when setting out on this trail. When parking, you can head out on the path from either direction of the parking lot.

Just nine miles outside of Ouray, Ironton Park has a wide variety of Winter trails to enjoy. This trail is about two miles long and unique because it takes you around many old buildings giving it a ghost town vibe. From this loop, other various routes branch off that you can explore.

Snowshoeing is an ideal activity for anyone looking for a scenic way to stay fit during the winter. Colorado provides a massive selection of trails for anyone; whether you’re experienced or just a beginner, there’s something to help anyone enjoy the beauty of nature.