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Tennessee stands out as one of the most fabulous destinations for kayaking and canoeing due to its great lakes and vast river routes. The vibrant state allows kayakers with various skills to navigate the river routes and gorge explorations from different angles.


Here are some of the best spots local tourists and vacationers can enjoy kayaking and canoeing in Tennessee.


  1. Harpeth River


The Harpeth River is a scenic river popular for kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and fishing. This river contains slow-moving waters and a few rapids. Remember to pack some snacks and a swimming costume. You can swim at almost any corner of the river and bask on one of the sand bars.


  1. Duck River


The Duck River is one of the longest rivers meandering through the entire state of Tennessee. Its approximate length is 300 miles. The river offers impressive scenery and an excellent place for beginner kayakers; this Nashville’s tourism gem has varied adventures ranging from over 150 fish species, birds, aquatic animals, and swimming spots to ensure an unforgettable vacation – including kayaking and canoeing activities.


  1. Clinch River


The Clinch River offers incredible scenery for floating with its relaxing low-level streams. It is a fantastic spot for kayaking, paddling, and other outdoor activities.


  1. Buffalo river


The Buffalo River ranks among the most visually striking destinations in the Tennessee State due to its crystal clear waters that look perfect and refreshing at different spots.


The river offers an impeccable hangout and a plethora of activities such as small bass fishing.


  1. Ocoee River


The Ocoee River is one of the most adventurous rivers in the region. With over 20 continued rapids, this river is perhaps appropriate for experienced kayakers.


This river has hosted the Olympic Games in Kayak and canoe events.


  1. Obey River


With its crystal clear and vibrant scenery throughout, the Obey River is an exciting destination for kayaking, canoeing, and hanging out.


  1. Powell River


The Powell River is calm and features beautiful luffs and magnificent meadows for paddlers.


Tips to Consider When Preparing for Kayaking


  • Having the right gear such as; helmet, water shoes, and the right kayak.
  • Knowledge of the route you are going.
  • Warm-up routines

The bottom line


Overall, Tennessee has one of the best places for kayaking and canoeing. Apart from the smooth water and its incredible views, the state offers a range of alternatives to suit every kayaker.


Kayak services and rentals are readily available throughout the region, and this provides citizens a great way to spend their time outdoors with friends and families, especially during summer.